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8 things to do when you are single on valentine's day


8 things to do when you are single on valentine's day

1. Netflix and chill with your friends 

netflix and chill

Call up your friends, make a list, grab your popcorn bucket, a few beers and have a movie marathon, let the world go on a fuckin date

2. Retail Therapy - Take advantage of valentine's day sale wear something festive


retail therapy on valentines day

With Valentines day coming near there are SALE all over the place, search for those unique offers from your favourite stores, and grab till stocks lastHere's an offer you can't resist 14% discount on all products, click image below:

mera dharam bachelorism
3. Pamper yourself, Try a new look , Relaxation go to a SPA.

valentines day couple spa therapy

Since you being single and will be saving on a lot of money, why not treat yourself to a relaxing spa day, Massages, manicures, pedicures or have that haircut. 

4. Unplug from social media

social media valentine day

Stop those annoying lovey dovey message which you can get a brain freeze, have a day off from Social media

5. Eat out with your folks

dinner with family on valentines day

Long story short family comes first, they will always be there when you want them so cook somthing special and have those childhood memories revisited

6. Book tickets to Stand up Comedy

stand up comedy valentine day jokes

With many stand up comedy clubs in the vicinity you will have a whole lot of options to enjoy your evening, check for those special discount codes.

7. Learn a Skill

learn karate on valentine day

That could mean anything learn online, offline, you wont learn in one day thats for sure, but better start today then never.

8. Love yourself

love yourself on valentines day

Lastly, love youself ladies and gentleman, because that is gonna help you go a long way forward.

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